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Why Prayers, Meditations, Wishes, and Any Such Don’t Help to Establish a Lasting Peace in the World.

February 28, 2014

It is a safe assumption that ever since humans started experiencing the horrors of warfare, they also started to wish to live in peace that would not end with a war again.

Humans in great numbers have been wishing, praying, meditating for peace since time immemorial, but, so far, with no lasting results. Why should this be so?

The answer might be that the very reason that wars always come back is precisely because we do want to live in peace!–we don’t experience a lasting peace, because our ideas of what peace should be differ from each other so greatly, that we go to war to settle our differences again and over again.

A lasting world peace is possible, of course–it is within human capabilities to effect this–but since our ideas of what such a peace should look like are so diverse, we have to learn how to resolve our differences peacefully, instead of ultimately choosing war every time we feel the desire for peace.

This is what I feel should be done:
All of us who pray, meditate, wish, and etc., for a lasting peace in the world have to get together one way or another, and come up with one unified design of a world we would like to live in. A design in which it would be possible to see how we all are to live together in one world in as small detail as possible. Differences that normally would get resolved in real life with often damaging results would be resolved harmlessly in a model during the process of hammering out of a design in which all of us would find an optimal place in.
More on how this could be done is presented at ModelEarthhttp://www.ModelEarth.Org .

The idea on how to create a lasting Peace in the world is also presented in a different form at: Designing a Lasting Peacehttp://www.ModelEarth.Org/peace.html .

Thank you, Hearthstone.