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Marx’s XI Thesis on Feuerbach is Not Explicit Enough.

June 13, 2013

Philosophers have only interpreted the world in different ways. What is crucial, however, is to change it.”

(Theses on Feuerbach by Karl Marx, translated by Carl Manchester: )

The world should be changed; but to what should it be changed? If we don’t know what the world should be changed to, we’ll continue to change it in the same way we have been doing since times immemorial, and the world will continue to be changed according to the short-sighted visions of those who happen to be at the helm at the whichever time at what-so-ever place.

I think that Marx’s XI thesis on Feuerbach is not explicit enough–Marx should have explained what he thought the world should be changed to. We try to change the world to our liking with most of our actions, but so far the results have been a transformation of the world from bad to worse, on the whole.

A meaningful change is being desired; Any odd change will not do! In order to change the world in a truly meaningful way, we, all who share this world, have to come to an agreement about what the desired world should look like; We have to re-design the world first–then we can change it meaningfully.

Thank you, Mr. Jan Hearthstone “Designing the Earth Anew Together” .