This Paradise Earth: Philosophy in Practice.

In this Paradise, that we call the planet Earth, all life exists in a state of dynamic harmony that is being consciously created and maintained continuously.

Whenever there are any differences, controversies, conflicts, and any complaints among any beings in this world, those are resolved, without any residue, by using what-so-ever expedient, skillful, appropriate, wholesome, and above all effective means. More-over, better yet–all those differences, controversies, conflicts, and any complaints are resolved preventively, before those ever have a chance to arise!

The process of creating and maintaining harmony starts with formulating the ideal–what should the ideal Earth, where all life lives in harmony with itself and its home , actually look like? What should the ideal home of every being be like? … The input for this process is being perpetually gathered (by what-so-ever direct and indirect appropriate means) from all who share the Earth, vetted against all there is known about the Earth and the inter-relations of all life on Earth, and the ideal is being constantly ameliorated by direct feedback from all.

Without there being a discernible, by all inhabitants of the Earth commonly shared vision of what the ideal state of the Earth ought to be, it would be impossible to have a Paradise on Earth! A decline in all beings’ overall well-being should, rather, be expected, because of disunity of the many views on what the ideal conditions for Life on Earth should be like.

Thank you, Mr. Jan Hearthstone http://www.ModelEarth.Org .


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2 Responses to “This Paradise Earth: Philosophy in Practice.”

  1. Susmita Barua Says:

    Hi Jan. Interested to know where you are now in your engagements and couldn’t connect via linkedin. You may be interested in my blog deep conscious capitalism.

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